Broken Screen

Notebook Screen blank?

Can you just about make out an image on your screen or is the lamp (bulb) out?

This symptom could be a failure either of the inverter and is quite common with LCD screens it is a component that switches on the screen same principal as a fluorescent tube starter, or the failure of backlight in the screen which means the screen needs replacing, or it could be a breakdown in the integrity of the main board where a component has failed.

How much will it cost?

If it’s the inverter this is normally £39.00 inc VAT and fitting.

If it’s a new screen prices vary and start as little as £39.00 inc VAT and fitting average price £89.00 inc VAT and fitting.

If it’s a board repair this can be expensive normally around £180.00 but there are a number of ways of repairing your computer and it would be better to contact me to discuss it.

Contact me on 0121 744 0377

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